Mickey Mouse Seal

  • Mickey Mouse Seal

    Mickey Mouse Seal


    Ample security feature with delicate design for space saving security.

    MM Seal is a tamper-evident clip box seal delicately designed with space saving and all-inclusive security features. The seal is suitable for security bags installed with a specific chamber for enhanced security. It has a special breaking point for quick removal and to show clear evidence of tampering.



    • Authentication Tagging
    • Evidence Securing
    • Retail Applications
    • Banking


    Technical Specifications:

    1. The MM Seal is moulded with high-impact ABS material with a grip at the end for quick detection of breaking point and easy removal with clear evidence of tampering.
    2. One-way snap-on locking mechanism of this seal allows for quick and tight sealing, as well as evidence of tampering or removal
    3. Irreversible identifiers such as name, logo, barcode, serial number and QR code are laser-marked on the body.
    4. Colour coding is possible with a wide range of pastel colour options available for the seal.
    5. Biodegradable additives for plastic material are available.


    Additional information



    Locking Length

    10.5 x 7.7 mm

    Tensile Strength

    5 kgf


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