Triple Lock Casino Seal

  • Triple Lock Casino Seal

    Triple Lock Casino Seal


    Hook locking mechanism and slim structure for versatility and practicability.

    Fort Mini Padlock features a hook locking head that is user-friendly in sealing all kinds of locking latches. The seal is designed with a slim and flat-lay structure, hence making it suitable for roughly handled applications. The seal features a large marking area on the coloured body for detailed identifiers, easy reading, and colour coding.


    • Authentication Tagging
    • Aircraft Carts
    • Retail Applications
    • F&B Applications


    Technical Specifications:

    1. Triple Lock Casino Seal is moulded with two colours Polypropylene (PP) material for durability and clear tamper-evidence.
    2. One-way snap-on locking mechanism of this seal allows quick and tight sealing, as well as tamper-evidence upon removal.
    3. Two colours on the body improved laser markings definition, visibility, and identification.
    4. Irreversible identifiers such as name, logo, barcode, serial number and QR code are laser-marked on the flap.
    5. Colour coding is possible with our standard range of colour options available for the seal.
    6. Biodegradable additives for plastic material are available.
    7. The latest design of the new generation allows for more marking space.

    Additional information



    Locking Length

    10.5 x 7.7 mm

    Tensile Strength

    5 kgf


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