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Mega Fortris Accreditations – ISMA

Mega Fortris is a proud, long term member and supporter of The International Seal Manufacturers Association (ISMA). As a member of ISMA, we are committed to a code of ethics with regards to our business practices and consistent high quality of our security seals.

The International Seal Manufacturer’s Association (ISMA) is open to all interested parties involved in the manufacture, distribution and use of security seals embracing technical disposable on-time use seals and electronic or mechanical re-usable seals. Membership depends on commitment to a Code of Ethics.

Manufacturers are committed to leading their industry towards better products, improved security-related processes and more transparent business practices. These include better education on the proper storage, application, monitoring and record keeping for security seals as well as on the meaning of ISO 17712:2013.

ISMA Benefits

Associations, shippers and carriers can obtain seals of all grades from ISMA members and their approved distributors with confidence that the product and its producer’s security-related practices meet or exceed those called for in ISO 17712:2010.

Regulatory and law enforcement bodies can continue to turn to ISMA for counsel about seal industry practices and for collaboration about ways to improve the quality of seals and seal industry practices. Collaboration also includes information sharing about criminal techniques to bypass and tamper with seals, and ways to improve designs to reduce vulnerability to undetected tampering.

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