A Simple Good Morning for Zero Tolerance in Morning Attendance


True leadership does not lead for power. They lead and empower.

With a strong and charismatic presence since her arrival, Dr Normah (Mega Fortris HR Director) has been a true champion of our Mega Fortris culture. In the early hours of the morning, she diligently makes her rounds in the factory from 8.15am to 8.45am for a simple observation.


"There are things that one will only realise when on-site. And there are differences that only a human's touch can make, which one cannot do behind the screen. "

Dr Normah observes the staff and their actions, ensuring that attendance will be sufficient for the day's operations, as well as joining the department's morning briefing for a deeper insight to any issues related to the processes, people, environment and the likes. While simultaneously caring for the staff, the strong Management presence helps cement their confidence and trust in the Human Resources Department, to afford them the opportunity to come forward with any grievances, allowing for early intervention and resolution. Complementing HR's initiatives is the great leaders of each section and department, where they understand that Dr. Normah's presence is to assist them in all human-related issues.


"80% of success is showing up."

Dr Normah later shared her initial challenges regarding attendance. Upon newly entering, attendance had at times been erratic and prone to occasional lateness. "However, with this practice (that was implemented on her second week), in less than a month, we have achieved 98% of morning attendance in the factory." Discipline is an objective she hopes to encourage further in Mega Fortris Malaysia with the "Zero Tolerance in Morning Attendance" to improve overall efficiency and create a better working environment.

Simultaneously, she also targets to create a happy and fun working environment in the mornings, because even a simple "Good Morning" wish can truly change and set a person's mood.

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