Our Planet

Our Responsibility to The Planet

To ensure we can continue to deliver high quality products to our customers in the future, we must protect the natural resources we live in and need to make them today.

our commitment to the planet

Green Solutions: Evolution into Eco-Conscious Seals

Taking one step further in the Journey of Sustainability, Mega Fortris Group has incorporated bio-additives into our production. This means that, in order to provide eco-conscious solutions on a wide array of applications, all Mega Fortris’ security seal product lines with plastic content will include the BioSphere bio-additive from 13 May 2024, comprehensively securing the global supply chain while reducing our footprint.

The Green Warrior Project

The Green Warrior (TGW), driven by BPW Malaysia, aims to inspire sustainable living through education and community engagement. Through partnerships and events like the upcoming TGW Event, TGW focuses on five pillars: Green Education, Lifestyle, Environment, Technology, and Healthy Living. The project, divided into three phases, seeks to address environmental challenges while integrating sustainability into business objectives, benefiting organizations through community impact, reputation enhancement, and business growth opportunities.

My Fin, My Life

At Mega Fortris we understand and believe in the importance of ensuring a safe a stable marine ecosystem. To sustain the wide range of species and maintain a balance in the marine ecosystem.

Mega Fortris have recently joined forces with the World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to ensure a safe marine life for Sharks within the Ecosystem.

Harnessing Solar Power for Environment Sustainability

Mega Fortris is proud to announce a significant stride in our commitment to environmental sustainability! In celebration of the 2020 World Environment Day, we’re installing 898 solar panels at our headquarters. This initiative will generate 455,286 kWh annually, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and minimizing our impact on the environment. Solar energy offers a clean, renewable alternative to traditional fossil fuels, aligning with our goal of creating a cleaner, brighter future.