The History of the Bolt Seal

Bolt Seal Evolution Timeline

1st generation bolt seal

1997-2005 1st Generation Bolt Seal

  • High strength components + Plastic Injection
  • Laser marking on seal
  • Grated surface and studded design on pin entrance to indicate tampering
  • Tight fit and lock

2005-2013 2nd Generation Bolt Seal - Klicker

  • Poke-Yoke features
  • Tamper prevention features:Anti-rotation oval-shaped entrance
  • Tamper-evident features: Laser identification tagging
  • Engraved paired pin and bush for easier handling
  • Material upgrade to high-impact ABS
klicker bolt seal
2k Klickers

2013+ 3rd Generation Bolt Seal - 2K Klicker

  • Double Colour for better product definition:
  • - Increased visibility for identfication
  • - Improved marking variations
  • Hidden safety features to prevent tampering
  • Improved tensile strength

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