History of Cable Seal

Cable Seal Evolution Timeline


1996-2001 1st Generation Cable Seal

  • Cable Breakaway seal used a bolt key to secure the wire
  • The shaft of the shear bolt breaks when it has tightened the wire completely – and the seal can only be opened with a cable cutter.
  • Grated surface to protect the laser markings during rough handling
  • Cable Breakaway seals were highly cost effective

2001-2013 2nd Generation Cable Seal - MCL Series

  • MCL Series made with Aluminium Body
  • One way linear locking feature for easy and efficient sealing
  • Anodised in solid colours for a base to print customised laser marking, barcoding and logo printing

2013+ 3rd Generation Cable Seal - MCLZ Series

  • Zinc Body moulded with ABS/PP, protecting the zinc and locking mechanism from damage
  • Enhanced with text and ribbed/bridge on the plastic surface, to provide clear signs of tampering
  • Non linear (curve) locking features, provide highest security and prevent shim attacks
  • Larger space for laser marking, clear marking with serial number, barcode or logo
  • Hidden Security Features

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