Promise Home - A Giveback to Society

Mega Fortris Group understands the importance of reducing the environmental footprint, by acting in human rights and environmental causes. Mega Fortris Group’s “local community well-being initiative” is aimed to help improve the lives of less-fortunate communities in Malaysia.

“Promise Home” stands as a cornerstone among our initiatives dedicated to enhancing the welfare of our local community, with a special emphasis on nurturing and empowering future generations. Situated in Kota Kemuning, Promise Home supports children from the surrounding community by offering them access to free education and initiatives aimed at improving their health conditions.

Promise Home is currently takes care of children with ages ranging from 7 to 12 years old. These children are from 4 different villages around Slim River. Fortunately the children in this Home are enrolled into government schools, and have attained excellent results.

We took this opportunity to contribute, by organizing a couple of activities this year to this Home.

Food Donations

Earlier this year we made a food donation to the home, providing the children with basic necessities such as rice, biscuits, eggs and other daily food consumption. With the generosity of everyone, we managed to donate a substantial amount of food to them.

Lunch with Children of Promise Home

In conjunction with Mother’s Day, we organized a lunch get together with the children. This lunch was held for us to spend some time at the same time fellowship with them.