Empowerment of Rural Women in Longhouse at Limbang, Sarawak

The Women Empowerment Project in Sarawak is a long-term CSR initiative supported by Mega Fortris to boost the wellbeing of Iban women in a native rural area of Sarawak, under the banner of Mega Fortris Jari Indai Cares. The Mendamit Longhouse, which accommodates 43 families and 35 children under the age of 12, is the focus of this empowerment program.

Mega Fortris Jari Indai Cares’ mission is to create sustainable income for families and children. As the women in the longhouse are skillful in creating hand-made weaves tote bag – with native Borneo design – a unique handicraft product from Malaysia, Mega Fortris Jari Indai Cares ensures that the products produced by the women will be marketed through other Mega Fortris global subsidiaries. This initiative would further enhance their livelihood by enabling a sustainable income for the Women weavers.

MF Jari Indai Cares