Cargo Theft and Bogus Transport Operators

  • Cargo Theft and Bogus Transport Operators

    Cargo Theft and Bogus Transport Operators

    TAPA has recently addressed the issues of cargo theft and bogus transport operators in their most recent virtual conference on the 8th to 12th of November. Cargo crime has been a gold mine, especially in the UK, and England that are very affected by cargo theft. According to the British Home Office, cargo theft in the UK comes at a cost of £250 million (€290m) a year – Milton Keynes and Northampton are among the parts of the UK where the problem is greatest, according to available data. Not only that, but the threat of bogus transport operators is also imminent due to the shortages and reduction in the EU.

    One of the reasons for this is vulnerability. This vulnerability gives rise to the threat because there is nothing that deters illegal activities from occurring. Furthermore, with the presence of fraudulent transport providers, goods are also being stolen from right under our noses. Security seals prevent exactly this from happening as it serves as a deterrent because of their many security features. The security seals provide an additional check during the operations, as it would prove that the goods, which would have been secured after the loading, have arrived in the same condition as they were loaded in.

    Indicative Seals

    From being cost-effective to user-friendly, Mega Fortris products can easily alleviate this problem.

    Dmno seal


    Domino Seal

    With over 7 million seals sold in the last year, Domino SP Seal is another staple of the Mega Fortris security seal range.

    The metal strap is flexible with a large flap for identifiers marking, which makes it plenty suitable to crosscheck information to ensure the cargo’s unaffected state.

    The seal is designed to settle close to the application surface, preventing damage during rough handling.

    simulock seal


    Simulock Seal

    Simulock is the first seal ever produced in Mega Fortris.

    With a long history of design and development, it now comes with an improved inspection window and neat design for quick sealing and easy inspection.

    The additional security breaking lines are designed to show clear evidence of tampering should the security seal be tampered with.

    Mega Arrow seal


    Mega Arrow Seal

    Similar to the Simulock Seal, the Mega Arrow Seal too features an inspection window, but it also possesses a contrasting colour locking mechanism to allow for rapid security inspection.

    The ribbed surface on the strap provides better grip and quick sealing to ease the operation, and the security breaking lines show clear evidence of tampering.

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