Eye-opening Experience in Tajikistan

  • Eye-opening Experience in Tajikistan

    Eye-opening Experience in Tajikistan

    Dushanbe City, Republic of Tajikistan—Organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tajikistan (CCI), the city had opened its doors to companies of various countries at the Kokhi Borbad State Complex from the 4th to 7th of May 2023. Highlights of the exhibition-fair included “insert” where the event saw the pariticpation of companies across multiple industries from Belarus, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

    And of course, Malaysia was a participant and Mega Fortris Group was one of her proud representatives as MCMTC was a strategic partner of the MICCI.

    This exhibition-fair was an eye opener, the valuable experience further cementing the fact of what the country has to offer. Having grasped into this opportunity after previous interactions with H.E. Ardasher S.Qodiri, the Tajikistan ambassador, during the Bangladesh Independence Day and later hosting him at our Malaysian factory.

    This exhibition was a platform to promote goods of domestic Tajikistan producers and help them establish and expand cooperation with foreign companies.

    “I can say very successful as our entourage mission was more on exploring uncharted territories and traversing an exciting new market,” said Ms Mag Ng.




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