Mag Ng Rises as The New Chairman of FMM

  • Mag Ng Rises as The New Chairman of FMM

    Mag Ng Rises as The New Chairman of FMM

    Mega Fortris is proud to announce that our Corporate Affairs Director, Ms Mag Ng, has recently been elected as Chairman for the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Branch.

    Ms Mag is the authorised representative for Mega Fortris in FMM since the company joined as a member in 2011. Mega Fortris received our first ever highly acclaimed award, “FMM Manufacturer of the Year” in 2012. Ms Mag initially started serving in the Selangor Branch SMI Working Sub Committee in 2014, was elected Branch Committee Member in 2015, Council Member in 2016, and then Branch Vice-Chairman and Chairman of Membership Services Sub Working Committee in 2017. She has played a significant role in the recruitment of new members for the branch.

    Ms Mag has always focused on what change she could bring, completing her tasks passionately. Her sincere and charismatic leadership, wealth of experience, and trust from her peers has led to her election as the Chairman for FMM Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Branch during the recent AGM on 9 November 2022.

    As Chairman, she will continue to oversee the management of the 14 working sub committees. She also chairs other important committees, such as the Membership Services Working Sub-Committee where ten regional chairmen report to her. As Branch Chairman, she represents FMM in the Selangor State Investment, Trade, Small and Medium Industries Committee.

    Please join us in congratulating Ms Mag Ng on her new esteemed role in FMM Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Branch. The appointment is indeed an honour and testament to Ms Mag’s passion, commitment and contributions to FMM.

    Ms Mag Ng expressed her thoughts on this milestone:
    “Praise and thanks be to God.
    Stepping into this new position is an exciting feat which comes with a new mantle of responsibility. With the confidence and trust placed in me, seeking excellence with humility and serving unconditionally with a sincere heart will be my guiding principles,”

    Cheers and God bless,
    Mag Ng

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