MCLP 2K Mini Cable lock – It’s all about the security!

  • MCLP 2K Mini Cable lock – It’s all about the security!

    MCLP 2K Mini Cable lock – It’s all about the security!

    Mega Fortris security seals group is proud to introduce the latest product to our security seal range. The two colour cable seal or MCLP 2K Mini Premium Cable Lock, is the world first cable lock seal to be manufactured in two colours. It is important to understand why we have designed and manufactured this product in two colours.

    Manufacturing in two colours

    The first thing – it is all about the security! With the introduction of 3D printers, we wanted to manufacture a product that could offer clients added security within the security seal world. The two colour feature is our reply. Today, you are able to clone a security product on a 3D printer – but this is NOT possible with a product made in 2 colours.

    Furthermore, many of our clients have requested colour identification, whereby colour coding could highlight a transport route or a depot. They also requested a product that was able to be barcoded. Used in combination with a hard colour and a white background we can offer a product that would meet a higher grade of security.

    Unique Security Features

    So, the MCLP 2K is more difficult to tamper with and duplicate. It is manufactured with a zinc body for security and strength. It is produced with high-impact ABS plastic that does not break easily and shows signs of any attempt of tampering.

    The product lip feature is also manufactured in a zinc cast at the entry and exit holes to provide greater protection against tampering. This very user-friendly cable seal can be applied on many requirements including trucks, containers, valves and tote boxes.

    MCLP 2K – A certified cable seal

    The MCLP 2K is available in two cable diameters:  1.5 and 1.8mm. The cable length is 18cm; however additional cable lengths are available on request. Both the 1.5 and 1.8mm have U.K. Customs acceptance Group 2 certification. The MCLP 2K has also been tested and certified according to ISO PAS 17712 standards.

    All MCLP 2K Premium cable locks are laser printed as this offers additional protection.  The serial numbers are etched into the plastic so it cannot be scratched off, offering greater protection. We can offer the MCLP 2K in the following colours: Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow.

    International Security Seal Manufacturer Association

    Mega Fortris is a long term active member of ISMA (The International Seal Manufacture Association) and is committed to manufacturing and producing high quality products to a Global customer base.

    We would highly recommend you to request that all security seal certifications are up to date. When purchasing security seals we recommend you request that the supplier is ISMA approved. This way, you ensure you are buying a quality product that meets all international security requirements.

    Mega Fortris’ mission is to supply the best possible security seal to existing and new customers and at the same time endeavouring to meet market security requirements at a competitive price.

    Not all security seals are like for like. Our new 2K Mini Premium cable lock will meet client’s security seal requirements. And at the same time increase the level of security for the application. By employing this new manufacturing process of two colour security, we are achieving a new level of security without breaking the bank – it is also price competitive.

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