Mega Fortris’ Role in Securing Democratic Process

  • Mega Fortris’ Role in Securing Democratic Process

    Mega Fortris’ Role in Securing Democratic Process

    The coronavirus has had an impact on most, if not all, industries everywhere on our globe. Many businesses are hit hard, and only a few are thriving. As a supplier to multiple industries, Mega Fortris has been affected, and our agility and robustness are being tested. But regardless of what is happening in the world, some things, like democratic elections, must proceed unhindered.

    Mega Fortris Americas is proud to secure the democratic process when supplying our seals to state departments and county election boards in the US. Recently, Mega Fortris’ Fast Seals, MCLP180 2Ks, MCL350 cable seals and TE Labels were used to secure ballot boxes, drop-off boxes, storage containers and voting machines in the US Presidential election in November 2020.

    Each state has its own election rules and regulations, but due to the pandemic, most states were allowing mail-in ballots to avoid large gatherings on election day. In some states, mail-in ballots could be dropped off, mailed or handed in several weeks before election day and many voters acted accordingly. Therefore, the need for sealed storage of more ballots for a long time was crucial to secure the election this year compared to past elections.

    Several factors are undermining the trust in fair elections in the US, which is very unfortunate. However, a positive side-effect is that more focus is put on the processes and security devices being used. That is crucial to continue improving and securing this vast and diverse election system that caters to more than 250 million voters and currently has more than 230,000 polling places nationwide.

    Mega Fortris’ role in preserving electoral transparency and ingenuity is critical. Our commitment to providing the necessary equipment helps to ensure democracy could take its course. This isn’t just limited to preserving the integrity of the democratic process in the US, but for the whole world too.

    For more information on Mega Fortris’ ranges of security seals, security bags, security boxes and labels, kindly click here or contact us here.

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