Mega Fortris Security Seals and ISO 17712

  • Mega Fortris Security Seals and ISO 17712

    Mega Fortris Security Seals and ISO 17712

    Security Seals in Our Midst

    Security seal providers are no strangers in the industry. As a staple product in providing you a peace of mind, these seemingly insignificant units have just one main objective: to protect your goods.

    Now, security seals are not limited to just metal and plastic seals that provide protection. There are also security labels and tapes, as well as security bags. As the world becomes more comprehensive in providing and demanding protection of their goods, there is now an international standard for mechanical freight container seals to ensure that the quality of security seals meet the minimum standard in protecting and securing your assets.


    The Deal between ISO17712, Security Seals and Mega Fortris

    ISO 17712 is the standardized document that gives uniform procedures to classify, accept, and also withdraw mechanical freight container seals. With this certificate, you will get a single source of information regarding mechanical seals that are acceptable for securing your freight containers for international commerce. There are three kinds of classes of security seal strength or even barrier capacity: “I” is for Indicative; “S” is for Security, and “H” is for High Security.

    One should know that C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) needs the employment of “H” class seals.

    What makes Mega Fortris Group different from our competitors is that as a designer and manufacturer of security seals, we pride in having and knowing that there is quality in our products.

    Every year, Mega Fortris Group ensures that the ISO17712 Clause 6 (Tampering Testing) certificates of security seals that fall under the "High" Security Seals category that are issued and certified by SGS Malaysia are updated after strict testing, so that the quality of our products are maintained without fail and you will have a peace of mind when using them. SGS Malaysia is an independent third-party test laboratory that validates the security seal’s classification and is accredited according to the ISO/IEC 17025.

    For the year 2022, our "High" Security Seals have updated our certificates with the latest version. They can normally be found here, but we have also included them below (click on the tabs):

    Klicker 2K

    Mega Container Seal

    Carrier Cable Seal

    Mega Flexi Lock

    Mega Lock

    Medium Cable Lock 350 and 350 2B

    Maxi Cable Lock 500 and 500 2B

    Maxi Cable Lock Zinc 500

    Mini Cable Lock Premium 180 2K

    Mini Cable Lock Premium 150

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