Mega Twister BH: All-in-One Meter Seal

  • Mega Twister BH: All-in-One Meter Seal

    Mega Twister BH: All-in-One Meter Seal

    Mega Fortris Group is proud to announce the official launch of our latest innovative meter seal design from our Mega Twister range. Encompassing all the functionalities of the seal range, the newest Mega Twister Barcode Horizontal (BH) security seal boasts a competitive price with improved laser marking capabilities. Designed with high quality plastics, Mega Twister Barcode Horizontal (BH) security seal retains its high-quality performance, but at a more economical price point.

    The Reason Behind Its Creation

    Mega Fortris Group has always held customers as our first priority. We have reanalysed our current product line to implement a new innovation, taking into account the industry-leading research that has defined the market for over the decades and the value that our customers deserve.

    Increased functionalities? Better marking readability? Excellent quality?

    We heard you.

    The Team That Delivered

    With the necessity of a more economical meter seal in the Mega Twister range, the Design and Development team in the Production Department had taken it one step further. During their profiling of a new product, they focused on transforming a design that was competitively priced. This is while combining all of the existing seal functionalities to deliver the best product to you.

    After months of multiple drafting and testing, the Mega Twister Barcode Horizontal was created.

    Together with the other departments of Mega Fortris, our latest innovation was continuously tested and sampled for further refining.

    MTW BH 3D Render GIF

    As of mid-March, it was finalised and we officially began production. With our new high-capacity mould units, Mega Fortris can offer upwards of 3 million Mega Twister BH units per month. You can have a peace of mind as we aim to meet your trust in us to deliver high quality designer security seals.

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