Fort Double Twin Lock

  • Fort Double Twin Lock

    Fort Double Twin Lock

    Double locking mechanism for peace of mind.

    Fort Double Twin Lock is special from other indicative plastic seals for its double locking mechanism in a one-piece structure. It has locking ribs on both sides of the strap for better grip and clear signs of tamper evidence. With a full body made of plastic material, full decomposition is achievable. These seals include the BioSphere bio-additives.

    To provide eco-conscious solutions on a wide array of applications, all Mega Fortris’ security seal product lines with plastic content will include the BioSphere bio-additives from 13 May 2024.


    • Retail Applications
    • Postal Services
    • Logistics
    • Banking


    Technical Specifications:


    The Fort Double Twin Lock features a double locking mechanism in its fully Polypropylene (PP) moulded body for added security and durability.


    The locking ribs on the seal provide better grip and stronger endurance during application. Evidence of tampering are obvious on the strap.


    Spikes are placed behind the seal to provide better gripping on the application surface.


    The larger flap allows ample space for identifier marking. Irreversible identifiers such as name, logo, barcode, serial number and QR code are laser-marked on the flap.


    These seals include the BioSphere bio-additives.


    Tear-off (TO) variation is available for easy removal.


    Additional information



    Locking Length

    230 mm

    Locking Size

    6 mm

    Tensile Strength

    25 kgf


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