Medium Cable Lock 350

  • Medium Cable Lock 350

    Medium Cable Lock 350


    Sleek and simple locking mechanism for high security standards.

    Medium Cable Lock 350 is a fully steel-made high-security cable seal designed to secure high-value assets. The Mega Cable Lock 350 2B version includes two locking bodies for a single length of wire. This version is designed for longer cable lengths and provides greater strength and security. Both versions comply to ISO 17712 and CTPAT with a precisely designed locking mechanism.


    • Containers
    • Trucks
    • Trailers
    • Rail Cars


    Technical Specifications:

    1. The Medium Cable Lock 350 consists of aluminium body and steel wire that is pulled to tightly secure high-value assets and provide clear tell-tale signs of tampering.
    2. The non-preformed galvanised steel wire unravels upon cutting to show clear evidence of tampering.
    3. The rib exterior is designed to protect the laser markings during rough handling with anodisation of solid colour for colour coding.
    4. Irreversible identifiers such as name, logo, barcode, serial number and QR code are laser-marked on the aluminium body.
    5. One-way locking mechanism is embedded for fast and easy application.
    6. The seal is designed, tested and certified ISO 17712:2013.

    Additional information


    Aluminium Body, Galvanised Steel Wire Cable

    Locking Length

    260 mm (single body), 900 mm (double body)

    Cable Diameter

    3.5 mm

    Tensile Strength

    1000 kgf


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