Mega Lock Series

  • Mega Lock Series

    Mega Lock Series

    Epitome combination for absolute security.

    Mega Lock series is a combination structure of a container bolt and a cable barrier seal to achieve robust security for high-value assets. With precisely designed locking mechanism and cable length, it is strong and durable for all securing purposes. This seal complies to ISO 17712 and CTPAT with clear evidence of tampering from its innovatively designed anti-spinning pin and barrel. These seals include the BioSphere bio-additives.

    To provide eco-conscious solutions on a wide array of applications, all Mega Fortris’ security seal product lines with plastic content will include the BioSphere bio-additives from 13 May 2024.


    • Containers
    • Trucks
    • Trailers
    • Rail Cars


    Note that the image above depicts the Mega Lock Seal with a Klicker 2K.
    Image below are the container bolt seals.

    Technical Specifications:


    Mega Lock is a structure of container bolt seal and MCL 250, connected with non-preformed galvanised steel wire that unravels upon cutting to show clear evidence of tampering.


    Double locking mechanisms on the seal provide an extensive locking to secure the assets and provide clear evidence of tampering.


    MCL 250 consists of an aluminium body and galvanised steel wire that is pulled to tightly secure assets and provide clear tell-tale signs of tampering


    The rib exterior is designed to protect the laser markings during rough handling with anodisation of solid colour for colour coding.


    Irreversible identifiers such as name, logo, barcode, serial number and QR code are laser-marked for further identification security.


    Container bolt seals feature an anti-spinning locking mechanism that allows only one-way entry and hinders friction from external force.


    Hardened steel pin and bush are bush are moulded in high-impact PP material to form into a durable pin and plastic barrel while withstanding extreme weather conditions of -20°C to 80°C. Pin and barrel are engraved for easier handling.


    These seals include the BioSphere bio-additives.


    The seal is designed, tested and certified ISO 17712:2013.


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