Mega Spinner

  • Mega Spinner

    Mega Spinner

    Comprehensive features in one for space saving security.

    The Mega Spinner seal is the only utility seal with a round identifier area across its range. This allows the seal to be utilized for space optimization without compromising its security capability. The seal has a transparent body for quick inspection of the twister insert sealing. Ease of operation is achievable with identifiers and colour coded inserts. These seals include the BioSphere bio-additives.

    To provide eco-conscious solutions on a wide array of applications, all Mega Fortris’ security seal product lines with plastic content will include the BioSphere bio-additives from 13 May 2024.


    • Utility Meters & Scales
    • Chemical and Oil Refinery
    • Transportation
    • Banking


    Technical Specifications:


    The Mega Spinner is moulded with a twister locking insert and white cap ultrasonically welded in a plastic transparent body for a clear view of the locking and evidence of tampering.


    Stainless steel wire is required for the twister locking to achieve quick sealing and tight securing on the latches.


    A round marking area flap is placed on the side for irreversible laser marking of identifiers such as name, logo, number and QR code.


    Colour coding is possible with a combination of clear plastic body and vibrant colour insert, which is available in a wide range of choices.


    These seals include the BioSphere bio-additives.


    Additional information


    Acrylic Plastic Body/Acetal Plastic Insert

    Locking Length

    250 mm

    Locking Size

    0.8 mm

    Tensile Strength

    30 kgf


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