Mega Twister SP

  • Mega Twister SP

    Mega Twister SP

    Extensive range of designs for a variety of identifying purposes.

    The Mega Twister SP seal range consists of multiple identifier placement options to accommodate different requirements. Their simple locking mechanism makes the seals user-friendly and versatile for different applications. The seals are small in size and space-saving. These seals include the BioSphere bio-additives.

    To provide eco-conscious solutions on a wide array of applications, all Mega Fortris’ security seal product lines with plastic content will include the BioSphere bio-additives from 13 May 2024.


    • Utility Meters & Scales
    • Chemical and Oil Refinery
    • Transportation
    • Banking


    Technical Specifications:


    The Mega Twister SP seals are moulded with a twister locking insert and white cap ultrasonically welded in a plastic transparent body for a clear view of the locking and evidence of tampering.


    Stainless steel wire is required for the twister locking to achieve quick and tight securing of the seals.


    The laser marking area of each design is placed differently with the options of horizontal area on the side (MTW SP), at the bottom (MTW SP BC), and vertical area at the bottom (MTW SP BCV).


    The laser marking area is sufficient for irreversible essential identifiers such as name, logo, barcode, serial number and QR code.


    Colour coding is possible with a combination of clear plastic body and vibrant colour insert, which is available in a wide range of choices.


    Special UV additives for the product’s long-lasting performance are available. These seals include the BioSphere bio-additives.


    Additional information


    Polycarbonate Plastic Body/Acetal Plastic Insert with Stainless Steel Cable

    Locking Length

    250 mm

    Locking Size

    0.8 mm

    Tensile Strength

    30 kgf


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