Reusable Security Bags

  • Reusable Security Bags

    Reusable Security Bags

    The reverse zipping terminal is the Mega Tebco Chamber Housing.

    Mega Tebco Chamber Housing and Seal are designed in pairs to suit security bags better with their enhanced security features. The reusable chamber is installed on the bag zipping; the seal secures the chamber during transportation of the assets and bags. The seal is designed with a specific breaking point for quick removal and clear evidence of tampering. The pair remains close to the application surface after sealing and are durable to withstand rough handling.


    All bags can be customised and manufactured into various sizes, shapes, colors, windows, handles (with constructive requirement subject to review). Our reusable bags can be made from various fabric materials such as PVC, polyester, nylon and canvas. The unique feature of this bag is the locking via reverse zipping terminal with a fully closed chambersystem. Secured on the closed chamber with a unique sequential numbered security seal, it works to prevent tampering and is highly tamper-evident.

    We have five types available: satchel bag, open top bag, till bag with or without handles, and utility bags.

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    Rubber and Acrylic


    55 – 95 mil


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