Protecting the Supply Chain and Gaining Customers’ Trust

  • Protecting the Supply Chain and Gaining Customers’ Trust

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    Security seals have long been an essential mechanism to protect goods that are in transit across the supply chain. These tamper-evident seals can help to detect any accidental or deliberate theft or contamination and have thus been essential for any industry engaging with a physical supply chain, from logistics to banking, agriculture, and more.

    Yet, despite how security seals ensure the safety and integrity of goods in transit, many companies have not perceived security seals to be a necessity. Without strict enforcement of security seals from government bodies and major corporations, these companies then either forgo investing in security seals altogether or opt for cheaper, inferior seals that can easily be tampered with or broken during transport. 

    Seemingly overnight, however, perceptions of high-quality security seals shifted when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out globally.

    A Surge in Demand for High-Quality Security Seals

    With COVID-19 creating a huge impact across multiple sectors, high-quality security seals were now widely perceived not just as a necessity, but a top priority. The pandemic and consequent lockdowns by numerous countries around the world triggered a chain of events that had a direct impact on the importance of security across the supply chain. 

    Namely, when supplies of essential items such as bread, milk, and medical items experienced a surge in demand during the lockdowns, the value of cargos carrying these goods escalated. This made them targets for theft. Industry players found themselves having to apply the best practices in security to make sure the supply chain is free from theft, pilferage, and contamination.

    Consequently, Mega Fortris witnessed a surge in demand for our security seals across several products offered by essential industries. Numerous organisations and industry players now recognise the critical importance of applying the simple solution of a tamper-evident seal to help them monitor any tampering in their supply chain.

    In addition to keeping their items safe from the risks of theft, the security seals also help companies gain their customers’ trust by ensuring the journey of their product throughout the entire supply chain has remained sealed, protected, and uncontaminated. 

    Inconspicuous Yet Essential for Peace of Mind

    During these unprecedented times, it is our mission to ensure industry players can access the highest quality security seal to protect their valuable shipments, as well as maintain their integrity to provide peace of mind to their customers.

    With over 20 years of experience specialising in the design and manufacturing of security seals, Mega Fortris has earned the trust of key industry players around the world to safeguard their goods in transit. 

    Our security seal solutions have been recognised worldwide for its high quality and compliance with ISO9001 and ISO 14001 requirements and environmental legislations. Our range of tamper-proof and trackable security seals, bags, labels and tapes can be used across a variety of receptacles used across the supply chain, from trailer doors, containers, trucks, cartons, and boxes. 

    There isn’t a more critical time than now for these inconspicuous heroes to play a critical role in securing the safety and integrity of your goods. To learn more about our range of security seal solutions, you can visit this page or contact us here.

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