The Range of High Security, Tamper Proof Bolt Seals from Mega Fortris

  • The Range of High Security, Tamper Proof Bolt Seals from Mega Fortris

    Mega Fortris UK manufactures a range of Bolt Seals. Bolt Seals are strong locking devices that act as a “one-time usable padlock”. Mega Fortris UK Bolt Seals are ISO 17712:2013 certified which are classified as “high-security seals”, this is one of the several requirements a bolt seal must meet, in order to be compliant with C-TPAT regulations. Our bolt seals can be placed onto trailer or containers without the use of any form of equipment, however, in order to remove the bolt, you will require a specifically designed bolt cutter.

    We offer a range UK Customs Accepted High Security Bolt Seals:

    • Container Bolt Seals
    • Klicker Bolt Seals
    • 2k Klicker Bolt Seals
    • Mega Bolt Lock
    • I-Klick Bolt Seal

    High Security Bolt Seals for the Transport of Goods

    Container Bolt Seals are designed with a small yet strong locking system, as the bolt head is designed so that it cannot be damaged easily. Also, the metal clip (Lock) is embedded in the groove making the bolt stronger and difficult to tamper. These bolts can be used on many forms of transportation platforms either over Ground, Sea or Air.

    Klicker is the name of Mega Fortris’ most popular bolt seal. It features dual numbering on pin and cylinder as well as an oval-shaped 360-degree anti-spin mechanism. Bolt and cylinder are connected by a plastic connector, which makes it very easy for the user to retrieve the same-numbered cylinder and bolt, as the user applies the seal.

    Klicker Bolt Seals are designed to provide the highest security for your cargo, may it be on Containers, Trailers, or any other alternative form of cargo transport. Similar to the Container Bolts, Klicker Bolts have their locking system embedded into the grove making it very difficult to tamper. Furthermore, klicker bolts are coated with an APS plastic seal to provide extra strength and this also provides a protection over rusting of the bolt. In essence, the Klicker Bolt provides Extra Strength and can be used in any terrain or weather due to its plastic coating protecting the bolt within.

    The 2K Klicker is our newest development in the Bolt Seal manufacturing industry as it is the first container bolt seal to feature two unique colours within its design. It is also equipped with a strong tamper evident mechanical seal. The new design involves a steel pin coated with a hardened plastic cover to withstand high forces of tamper. 2K Klicker Bolts are highly shock absorbent allowing it to be an excellent choice of the bolt to be used in ground transport, shipping and securing intermodal containers. 2K Klicker like all the other bolt seals by Mega Fortris is ISO 17712:2013 certified and compliant with C-TPAT regulations.

    We also offer seals which provide a combination of both Bolt Seals and Cable Seals. Please contact Mega Fortris today to find out more.

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