Security Labels for the Safe Control of Sanitisation and Quarantine

  • Security Labels for the Safe Control of Sanitisation and Quarantine

    Due to high demand we quickly sold out our first batch of stock, the second batch will now be available from Monday 29th June 2020. Preventing the spread of Covid-19 has been the motivation behind the development of these labels. The labels are designed to offer peace of mind by detecting any possible cross-contamination or security breach throughout operations. The labels can be customised if required, so please get in touch if you would like further information on how to implement such safety measures.

    Development of Security Labels

    Working in conjunction with a large hotel chain, we have developed a new security void label which allows them to stop any cross-contamination for their customers. Mega Fortris UK have developed a Non-transfer void label which is designed to be placed on the door of the hotel room once sanitised. Any subsequent entry to the room once it has been sanitised will be clearly indicated by the label’s void message upon attempted removal. This will allow the hotel to act accordingly if any unauthorised entry has been made to any of the rooms. It will also provide peace of mind to the customer if the label is intact following sanitisation.

    Sanitised security label

    “Sanitised” Security Label Features:

    • Our non- residue labels leave a clear ‘Void/Open’ message when any attempt of removal is made. The message will clearly illustrate any attempt of tampering whilst leaving no residue on the application surface.
    • Advanced tamper evident solution with a high contrast matt finish giving an excellent VOID and a surface that can be written on in biro.
    • Protects product integrity and prevents any tampering, unauthorised opening and potential fraud.
    • Exterior doors and panels, catering trolleys, tote boxes, ballot boxes, mobile phones, computer ports, office doors, cupboards, fuel caps, cash boxes, warranty void seals, vehicle doors.

    Sanitised security label front

    Sanitised security label back tamper evidence

    Car dealership Security Label

    Our security labels can be adapted for use in many industries and applications. Car dealerships are currently using them to provide a clear indication of when vehicles have been sanitised following test drives/demos, thus preventing cross-contamination and the spread of COVID-19. Utilising the labels in this way provides both the dealership and customer with the confidence that the car they are test driving has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

    car dealership security labelcar dealership security label close up


    Retail Industry

    The retail industry is having to adapt to new procedures in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Quarantine of clothes after having been returned or tried on is a procedure all will have to follow. To ensure this process runs smoothly we have developed a quarantine label which allows staff to know when and how long the products have been quarantined.

    Retail quarantine security label stickersRetail quarantine security label stickers void tamper evidence


    Other Applications

    Our security labels can be applied to a wide range of applications across many industries where safety, preventing cross-contamination and stopping the spread of COVID-19 has to be considered.

    We at Mega Fortris know the importance of keeping a business running in these vital times and understand the challenges organisations face right now. If you have a query regarding any safety features in your business, please get in touch with us at or call +60351226118.

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