When is a Security Seal NOT a Security Seal?

  • When is a Security Seal NOT a Security Seal?

    We start this blog with a question which may be of significance in the current market of Loss Prevention and in fact any industry which use various forms of transportation for their goods. Looking into the recent trend many organisations look to save as much as possible many opting to do this within their operational costs. However do we realise the consequences of this?

    We’re referring more to the security costs of cargo transportation. Though we agree it is essential in to cut down costs wherever possible, we may be putting ourselves at risk when doing so. When securing our Cargo in transit many organisations opt for a cheap seal which is perfectly fine if in return the security seals they were placing on their Trailer or Containers were of high quality. However this is not the case in most of the companies. Many businesses are using cheap seals which are of low quality.

    The consequences of this can have a big impact on the business. This is where the question “When is a Security Seal NOT a Security Seal?” comes into focus. While we believe our cargo is safe when placing these cheap quality seals on our trailers, is it actually reliable? Remember low cost seals come at a price which is “low quality” seals these will break easily due to the cheap materials used to build these seals. Organisations like ourselves take pride in the quality of our seals as we believe if the seal can be broken with a simple tug it doesn’t really count as a security seal. We have even come across seals used by organisation which can be broken with a simple twist of the seal and have even broken during transit. Considering this how can we count seals of such low quality as a security seal? If the seal breaks during transit due to the bumpy ride how is this going to stop thefts from breaking the seal? Many organisations do not opt for the cheap seal which is favourable due to its low cost however in return they get a low quality seal which is easily broken.

    If a security seal is easily broken into without the use of any equipment, it doesn’t really count as a security seal. Mega Fortris believe if you’re going to take upon a task do it properly, hence why all of our security seals are of high quality. We use the best quality plastic for all of our plastic seals with a specifically designed manufacturing process to give extra strength to the seals. All our seals go through a vigorous test to ensure our seals cannot be easily broken. Mega Fortris Seals provide seals which also show evidence of tampering allowing organisations to recognise if the seal has been tampered with; with further security of laser markings and barcodes. We supply many different types of seals for all different types of applications with seals which can be applied to more than one type of application.

    In essence we believe that you can’t really call the low quality seal which can be easily broken a seal because it doesn’t really do the job it was designed to do; which is to ensure the safety of the cargo in transit. Opt for a seal which will ensure a high quality service and keep your cargo safe in transit.

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