Tamper Evident Vehicle Key Bags to Prevent Cross-Contamination

  • Tamper Evident Vehicle Key Bags to Prevent Cross-Contamination

    As we continue to battle against the pandemic which has impacted all business operations / Industries, it is becoming ever more vital to adapt to changes in procedures to ensure the safety of employees and customers. During these unprecedented times, we have been working with many organisations to develop new safety products to provide an added layer of security in various diverse operations.

    Tamper Evident Vehicle Key Bags

    We are proud to announce the launch of our new “VEHICLE KEY BAGS” which allow the safe and secure storage and movement of vehicle keys. The vehicle key bag allows the keys to be secured safely and also features a tamper-evident security closure which will act to show if any attempt of tampering is made to the bag. The bags also feature an information box which includes details such as vehicle reg, name, date and time. It also has a perforated tab at the top which works as a receipt for the customer. To allow for easy integration into an automated system, there is also a barcode 128 which comes as standard.

    tamper evident bag

    vehicle key tamper evident bag 2

    Sanitised & Quarantined Tamper Evident Labels

    • Our non- residue Sanitised and Quarantined labels leave a clear ‘Void/Open’ message when any attempt of removal is made. The message will clearly illustrate any attempt of tampering whilst leaving no residue on the application surface.
    • Protects product integrity by giving a clear indication of any tampering, unauthorised entry, potential fraud and possible cross-contamination of Covid-19.
    • Interior and exterior doors and panels, car/van doors, hotel rooms, office doors, cupboards, fuel caps, cash boxes etc.

    car dealership sticker

    car dealership tamper evident sticker

    Car Dealerships

    The labels and key bags can be used in conjunction within car dealerships/showrooms. The tamper-evident key bags are designed to secure the keys whilst service/repair/test drives etc are being conducted. The bags facilitate the secure storage of the keys, whilst a tamper-evident closure gives reassurance to both staff and customers that no unauthorised entry and consequent possible contamination to the keys has been made. The keys can still be activated through the bag and can therefore be returned in the same condition as received.

    Our safety labels have been tried and tested for use in car dealerships between each test drive/demo. Currently, cars are Sanitised between each test drive, and a label then placed on the car door. Any subsequent attempt to remove it will again highlight any breach in security and possible cross-contamination threat.

    Car Hire Service

    Similarly, the car hire industry can also utilise this bag within its activity. Allocation of the keys via the bags will give peace of mind to the customers that the keys have been properly sanitised. Furthermore, the bags can also be used to quarantine the keys when returned by a customer, therefore allowing staff to log the contents and take the necessary steps to sanitise and quarantine etc.

    At Mega Fortris, we understand the importance of keeping a business running in these difficult times and appreciate the challenges organisations face right now. If you have a query regarding implementing safety features in your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


    For more information, please contact us at sales.malaysia@megafortris.com

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