To seal, or not to seal? Choose the right security seals for your application needs

  • To seal, or not to seal? Choose the right security seals for your application needs

    To seal, or not to seal? Choose the right security seals for your application needs

    Security seals play an integral role in deterring and preventing tampering, theft and pilferage throughout the supply chain. High-security seals such as container bolt seals and barrier seals are designed to act as a physical barrier between the bad actors and high-value assets. In contrast, security seals such as indicative seals are common tamper-evidence of intrusions and contamination. However, with the surging demand and advancement on identifiers such as QR code and barcode, indicative seals are now widely utilised for identification and authentication purposes and paving the way for traceability and visibility of the supply chain.

    Indicative seals are highly welcomed by all industry players. They are commonly seen in various markets and applications—reasons being their versatility, convenience, and cost-efficiency. Objectively, the most common and accessible indicative seals in Mega Fortris and the market are pull-tight seals and fixed-length seals with three available material types.

    Cable Indicative Seals

    Various tamper-evident features are designed in each cable-indicative seal to accommodate different security requirements and purposes, with durability being an additional point.

    Plastic Indicative Seals

    Mega Fortris has an extensive range of plastic-indicative seals catering to the market demand, with advanced variations of pull-tight and fixed-length seals dominating the range. The plastic-indicative seals are moulded in either Polypropylene or Nylon for their high stability, resistance, and flexibility. With environmental awareness in mind, the plastic-indicative seals in Mega Fortris are biodegradable without compromising their securing ability.


    Choosing the right seal

    Indicative seals are common and cost-efficient as they are reliable and user-friendly. Hence they play an essential part in the supply chain. However, choosing the right seal from the extensive array of options might be overwhelming and challenging.

    Mega Fortris is one of the world’s largest security seals and tamper-evident products manufacturer and a provider of complete solutions to secure goods. The company is well-equipped with the knowledge to meet the current ever-changing marketplace and industry players’ needs. Thanks to our 20 years of experience in the industry and the versatility and efficiency of its products and services. To learn more about the wide range of security seals available for different cargo and modes of transport, visit Mega Fortris Group, a trusted, world-class security seal designer and manufacturer.


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